Leytonstone Film fest
Brand ID / Design / UIUX
Leytonstone Film Festival 2020
A film Festival for horror and crime fanatics featuring the works of renowned director Alfred Hitchcock.
The goal for this project was to create a festival website for horror film enthusiasts based on the works of a famous producer. For my festival I chose the works of Alfred Hitchcock.
Initially, to refine my skills with the Webflow software, but I took it a step further. I envisioned how I could tie the branding into the website and collateral to push the brand identity.
The Leytonstone Film festival takes its name from an old English milestone that is now topped by a 19th-century Portland stone obelisk known as the ‘high stone’.

It stands at the junction of New Wanstead and Hollybush Hill – and finds itself just inside the borough of Redbridge owing to boundary changes.
This Year's featured director; Alfred Hitchcock
According to Hitchcock, some directors are more interested in refining their style and the treatment of the content than with seeking out new themes. They are mainly interested in the manner in which they tell their tales - a statement which applies perfectly to Hitchcock's own cinematic method. Hitchcock has anctive style of his own. He is undoubtedly one of the few filmmakers on the horizon today whose screen signature can be identified as soon as the picture begins"
Style Guide
The Logo mark
To create the shape, I stacked blocks, using the shape of the stone as an inspiration.
I wanted to create a flexible logo mark that would be distinct enough to use without text.
And flexible enough that photography with motion could be brought into it while retaining its integrity.


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