Brand dev / ARt direction
Intergrated campaigns and brand illustrations
The Brands
Founded in 2004, the Grubhub portfolio of brands includes Grubhub, Seamless, LevelUp, AllMenus, and MenuPages. Since its merger back in 2013, Grubhub became the parent brand to Seamless; the food delivery service enjoyed by New York. Although seamless' identity is more New York-focused A lot of the promotional materials created for Grubhub need to be redesigned for the Seamless brand palette.
I joined Grubhub's creative team as a Production Design Coordinator, where I managed tasks like organizing video footage, arranging print materials, and refining our branded content.
My role gradually evolved, leading me to handle more customer-focused communications, develop creative campaigns, and create illustrations.

After spending two years with the company, I left to pursue other endeavors but eventually returned as a freelancer.
Circa 2021 Just Eat Takeaway merger


Oscars 2021 Social Animations
I created a look and feel for the 2021 Grubhub social Oscar campaign in which I made the GH bag the Oscar star.
It also was a great way to use the new camera illustration I created.
Creative Directors: Sean Donohue, Nate Winter
A. Creative Directors: Annie Anlas, Jeff Deibel
Copywriter: Maya Harris
Art Director, Animator: Laetitia Auguste
Paid social Partners
FB/IG Story Assets
FB/IG Assets
Paid Social Assets
In the Wild
Grubhub / Seamless+ membership launch
In October 2019 Grubhub Launched its first exclusive membership service named Grubhub+. Given the massive nature of the launch, this project had been very phased out. With a truncated timeline and a small team, we had to work quickly and efficiently to roll out all the deliverables which were comprised of over 28 deliverables including Animated email headers, footer modules, landing pages, and native ads.

The bulk of my work consisted of versioning the GH+ launch items into the Seamless+ brand, implementing stakeholders' feedback globally, and working closely with our CRM team to ensure the product launch went as planned.
Creative Director: Sean Donohue
ACDs: Annie Anlas, Jeff Deibel
Copywriter: Hank Green
Lead Designer: Dylan Schultz
Production Design: Laetitia A.

Additional Promo
Seamless Presto Resto! Launch
The pandemic has crippled NYC’s vibrant restaurant industry and made dining out risky and difficult. Seamless is here to help hungry NYers and the restaurants they love.
We’ll surprise lucky Seamless customers by delivering not just their favorite food, but their favorite restaurant, too. It’s Presto! Resto!
Each week, Presto! Resto!–our restaurant on wheels– will transform into a different New York restaurant. ​

April's line up included:
Miss Lily’s Jamaican Diner, Di An Di, Comfortland & Adda's Jamaican Cuisine.
Creative Director: Nour Tabet
Animator: Delaney Trione
Visual Designers:
Laetitia A, Tyler Kracht, Jen Doyle
Ux Designer: Elise Ansher

Email creative
Native Ads
Gothamist Banners
Banner 2
Blog headers
State of the Plate 2020
Grubhub’s “State of the Plate” report looks at trends across the more than half a million orders placed a day. Grubhub’s mid-year report checks in on the popular food trends to date and what quarantined Americans ordered through contact-free delivery, and it offers predictions on what to expect during the second half of 2020.
Creative Directors: Sean Donohue,Nate Winter
A. Creative Directors: Annie Anlas, Jeff Deibel
Darren Bridges
Art Director, Animator:Laetitia Auguste
Blog header
Social Assets
Email layout (mockup by Kaitlyn Ritchert) & Blog image


Brewerie Coasters
Campus Banner
Employee LinkedIn cover images
Webinar templates
The Problem
Following the COVID-19 outbreak, Companies were faced with the challenge of maintaining a new remote workforce engaged.
The solution
GrubHub Corporate accordingly shifted its strategy by hosting a series of webinars that promoted options such as meal perks, group lunch orders, and happy hours during virtual to event planners. I worked together with the B2B team to create a template for future webinars as well as event collaterals.
This initiative garnered over 12,818,970 in sales to the company.
As of Feb. 2021
Art Direction
Verizon Stores Launch
Using my Illustration skills, I was able to create some new branded illustrations assets (mid) including the COVID 19 branded Illustrations which include a face mask, wipes, gloves, and a hand sanitizer. These are being integrated into the health safety communications, and by creating these, we were able to get work done without having to outsource.

Internal comms

Email headers & Interstitials